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  • Maximum of 47 Lines
  • Aims of the Personal Statement 30-50%
  • Experience, Knowledge and Abilities 25-35%
  • Extracurricular Interests and Skills 20-30%

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How to Edit Your Own Personal Statement Draft

A personal statement is an essay about yourself for an application that might help you. Because of this, you need personal statement proofreading. Some people want to edit my personal statement, don’t agree in cases like these because it has to be unique and original. Other applicants may have the same grade as you, but this essay would help you in proving yourself that you are you with your thoughts, experiences and life goals. It’s your way to stand out.

Personal statements are significant because you have to sell yourself to employers summarizing your special skills and experience in a brief paragraph to show that you are the one they should suppose to get.

personal statement tips and tricks

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Tips for Writing a Personal Statement

  • Tell them who you are: First of all, they should know who you are and what you do.
  • Explain why you want to: Let them know what motivates you, why do you do it and show them how interested you are.
  • Explain that you are the right person for the position: Put evidence that shows how very well you fit for it. Tell them you are the right person because you are prepared.
  • Tell them you career goals: They would know what you really want in life.
  • Keep it positive: People wouldn’t want to hire a person who is a pessimist. Focus on your enthusiasm.

Revising personal statement #1
Do you ever ask yourself “Do I really have to edit my personal statement?” Yes, you do. Concentrate on the whole entire output. Read each sentence carefully, check every word and notice all the structures. Make every vague sentence clear.

Revising personal statement #2
Know your point of your personal statement. Make each word, sentences, and paragraphs connect to each other and are one for your theme. You have to make sure the whole essay makes a point and ideas should be clear in progression. The transition of every sentence should also be logical.

Revising personal statement #3
Proofread for clarity, focus, and depth. Don’t leave the readers still look for clarifications. Always tell yourself, “Proofreading is the best way to edit my personal statement”. “Edit my personal statement.”

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