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Attention Drawing Tricks Applicants Use in the Personal Statements

Are you searching for the information about personal statement proofreading? Are you looking for personal statement tips and tricks? Check out this post for what to know about it as well as how much time is the committee spending for each application submitted to them.

personal statement tricks

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University Admission Committee

  • Chairman: Dean
  • Members: Dean and members
  • Associate professor
  • Registrar
  • Coordinator

For a large department, the university admission committee is made of the following:

  • Director of the graduate program
  • Faculty members
  • Graduate student volunteers

How Much Time Do Admission Officers Spend on Every Application

The application process differs from one program to another. This is the reason there is always variation in the time that the admission officers spend in reviewing each application. In some cases, the reviewer only spends ten to fifteen minutes in reviewing every application of applicants.

Personal Statement Tricks: How to Convince the Admission Officer

There are tricks that you need to know so that you can write the best essay that the committee is looking for.

If you want to convince the officers, here are the things to do:

  • Grade: It is important for the officers that the applicants have a high grade, but they also want to know that the student is prepared and that is reflected in the PS.
  • Express yourself: Officers want to know something about the applicants that they cannot find on others. The essay of the applicant should not be weak; instead, it must completely express the applicant’s intentions and visions for studying in a way that the officers will understand. For applicants expressing their inner self, they should make sure that what they expose is one that they are proud to share.
  • Show the love: It is better to show genuine enthusiasm for every university. Keep in mind that there is no college that wants to play third or fourth. According to Jean Jordan at the Emory University, universities want those who want them.
  • Highlight your best assets: The application is your chance to stand out, so you need to talk about your best assets. You can summarize your community service, activities, jobs and other things that make you the best.

Acing the Personal Statement Essay

  • Brainstorm.
  • Show and do not tell.
  • Be polite.
  • Ask as professional to proofread your essay.
  • Do not write your essay in the last minute.
  • Reread what you have written.

There you have the details and personal statement tricks you need to know. If you do well in writing your essay, you can increase your chances in the application. Finally, you don’t need to sound pathetic when writing your personal statement. Learn better ways of drawing an attention to your essay.

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