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Top 7 Most Common Personal Statement Mistakes

When writing your personal statement, it is common to experience errors. It is important that you take the time to create a remarkable essay most especially that you will be given one chance to make a good first impression.

To maximize the quality of your essay, here are top 7 most common personal statement mistakes that you should avoid:

law school personal statement editingPlagiarism – At all times, never ever copy or duplicate phrases that you have read elsewhere. Remember that majority of top universities use software that can easily detect any form of plagiarism and this could easily compromise your chances of getting into coveted schools and programs.

law school personal statement editingInappropriate humor – One of the common personal statement mistakes is improper usage of humor. Bear in mind that personal statements should be professionally written with a formal tone. If you do not know how to use humor, it is best to avoid it.

law school personal statement editingDeceitful content – This is similar to plagiarism, if you, in any way, lie in your personal statement, you are likely having no chance of getting admitted. Make sure that all information in your personal statement is real, honest and offer positive details about your experiences.

law school personal statement editingApplying late – Most applicants often apply late which in result, they could write rushed personal statements. It can be easy to overlook errors when you are in a hurry so start early as to create a winning personal statement.

personal statement editingNot enough research – One of the personal statement mistakes is lack of research; you have enough detail about the program, the school and guidelines. Plenty of research will allow you to tell your story properly.

personal statement editingNo clarity– This is another one of the most usual personal statement mistakes. Your personal statement should offer concise and convincing reasons for your application. Allot time to proofread; this will enable you to assess your content effectively.

personal statement editing serviceGrammar and spelling errors – Remember that your personal statement promotes your writing ability; any mistake could compromise its overall quality. Errors in grammar, spelling and typos are common personal statement mistakes that should be avoided as to ensure the quality and competency of your essay.

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