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Step-by-Step Guide For History Personal Statement Editing Process

The Importance of Your History Personal Statement

The personal statement for history could very easily be the deciding factor when it comes to any decision over whether you are going to get a place. The reason for this is that they will want to have a better understanding of who you are than they can’t get that from just your grades. So your history personal statement is a vital part of your application and you will need to ensure that it is able to make you stand out from the crowd of other applicants after the place that you want. This means taking great care over your writing and the editing process.

Editing Tips for Your History Personal Statement

If you want your personal statement to make you stand out then you are going to have to edit it very carefully to ensure that the writing is precisely what the committee are expecting to see and to avoid the many pitfalls that applicants make when writing their personal statement.

The following tips will help you with personal statement editing:

  • Check if you have covered the prompt that you have written in response to, have you fully answered it?
  • Did you write about yourself and avoid using any form of quotations or writing about others?
  • Did you open with an interesting anecdote or something similar capable of getting their attention right from the start?
  • Does your statement flow like a story with good transitions throughout?
  • Have you concluded well and referred back to your opening anecdote?
  • Have you shown that you have a real interest in history and that you are pursuing what you have a passion for?
  • Have you clearly demonstrated that you have the required skills for their program?
  • Have you shown that you have a career plan that requires this program?
  • Do you demonstrate good reasons for wanting their specific program?
  • Have you kept within their word count?
  • Have you used clichés or quotations where you should have been using your own words?
  • Did you repeat information that they already have or make obvious statements?
  • Have you written concisely and avoided filler?
  • Have you used words that can be misunderstood or that may not be understood at all?
  • Did you avoid the use of slang and acronyms?
  • Did you always select the most appropriate words for what you want to say?
  • Do you have sentences that are too short or that run on?
  • Do all of your subjects and verbs agree?
  • Have you used the correct person and tense throughout?
  • Is your spelling correct throughout?
  • Is your use of grammar and punctuation correct throughout?

You can ask yourself the very same questions when editing your economics personal statement.

When editing it is often best to start the process by reading your personal statement aloud so that you can hear anything that is incorrect or sounds incorrect. You should also print your statement using a large font and then touch each and every word as you check so that you force yourself to slow down your reading and consider each word in turn.

We Can Help with Your History Personal Statement Editing

history personal statement

If you are struggling with your editing our qualified and experienced editors are here to help. We offer high quality editing at an affordable price.

So contact our experts here today to edit your history personal statement to perfection!