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How To Edit Personal Statement For University – Professional Tricks

The Importance of Your Personal Statement for University

Your university personal statement is going to be the most important part of your application. The committee that will examine your application will look at far more than just your grades; they want to know who you are and what skills you will bring to their program. This is where your personal statement for university comes in and if well written it can easily sway the decision in your favor. But if you look at any university personal statement examples you will see that they are very well written and completely error free. Achieving the level of quality that is required is tough and you are going to have to expend a huge amount of effort in editing and revising your personal statement for your university application.

Tips for Editing Your Personal Statement for University Application

If you are going to edit your university personal statement effectively then you are going to have to ensure that you go about it in the right way. Many people find it very hard to make improvements to their own work or to find problems, after all you are very familiar with what you wanted to write and may not see exactly what you did write. The following tips will help you to edit your work more effectively:

  • Try to leave as long as possible between personal statement editing and writing so that you are less familiar with what you have written.
  • Always start with the big picture:
    • Have you answered the prompt that you were given?
    • Did you write about yourself in your personal statement?
    • Is your opening attention grabbing?
    • Does it flow well or does it read like a list of facts?
    • Have you provided the reader with the information that they were looking for with regards to:
      • Your interest in your major
      • Your ability to complete the course at university
      • Reasons for attending this university
      • Your future career plans
  • Read your personal statement for university application out loud and record what you read. This will help you to identify sentences that sound strange, incorrect words and punctuation, and other issues with your writing.
  •  Print your statement out in a large font so as to make it easier to see each word individually. Touch each word in turn and mask of adjacent lines to help with concentration. Check for:
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Grammar
    • Correct word choice
    • Eliminate acronyms, slang, flowery language
    • Ensure correct and consistent person and tenses

We Can Help with Your Personal Statement for University Editing

personal statement for university

Our experts understand everything about your MBA personal statement or university personal statement layout, what content is expected and the quality of writing that is required. They will methodically edit your statement and provide you with a statement that is error free and attention grabbing.

So if you are looking for effective and affordable editing for your personal statement for university applications just contact our expert service here now!