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Personal Statement For College Editing Tips

Why You Need the Very Best Personal Statement for College

If you look at an example of personal statement for college applications you will note that they are well written, attention grabbing and free of errors. This is because anything less is not going to help you to gain a place. This is why you need to ensure that you write your statement with great care and will then need to edit it to ensure that it fully meets the expectations of the committee that is going to review your application. A statement that is able to make you stand out from the other applicants is one that will swing the decision over a place in your direction.

College Personal Statement Tips for Editing

Getting the right college personal statement format and ensuring that the content of your statement is perfect is vital to getting noticed. The following tips for editing your personal statement for college will help you to ensure that your statement is going to be capable of making you stand out:

Always start with the big picture:

  • Did you answer the prompt that was used for your personal statement for college?
  • Did you open with a hook? This should be an interesting and relevant anecdote or fact that you can tie into your statement and will grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read.
  • Does your statement for college flow like a story? Your personal statement should not be a bullet point list of unrelated sentences. You need to have a clear and logical flow.
  • Does you conclusion tie back to your opening hook to show its relevance within your statement?
  • Have you written about yourself?

Ensure that always cover what the committee wants to know:

  • Did you establish a good reason for studying the major that you want to follow?
  • Do you have a clear outline of where your career will take you?
  • Have you shown why you want to go to this specific college?
  • Did you demonstrate clearly that you have the skills and other attributes that they value?

Make sure that your writing is clear and easy to read:

  • Have you avoided the use of clichés and quotations? They only want to hear your voice.
  • Did you avoid obvious statements that are just eating up your word count?
  • Did you write in a concise manner without additional fluff and filler?
  • Did you stay within the required word count?
  • Did you avoid using words that will not be understood? The thesaurus is not a source of words to make you look clever.
  • Did you avoid all use of acronyms and slang?
  • Did you avoid sentence fragments and overlong run on sentences?

Proofreading Your Personal Statement for College

You need to ensure that your history personal statement is also free of simple spelling and grammatical errors; while your computer may catch many and should be used to do so, you cannot trust it catch them all. Reading your statement aloud can help you to catch poorly worded sentences and also words that have been used out of place. Slowing your checking by printing the statement in a large font and touching each and every word in turn will also help you to identify issues.

We Can Provide Effective Editing for Your Personal Statement for College

personal statement for college

Our highly specialized professional personal statement editing service provides help through only highly qualified and very experienced editors. They will work with you to ensure that your statement is capable of grabbing the reader’s attention fully.

So if you need reliable and guaranteed editing of your personal statement for college just get in touch with our services today!