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  • Aims of the Personal Statement 30-50%
  • Experience, Knowledge and Abilities 25-35%
  • Extracurricular Interests and Skills 20-30%

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Law School Personal Statement Editing

Do You Need Law School Personal Statement Editing?

Your law personal statement needs to be written not only in a manner that is going to get attention of the panel but also in a professional and error free manner. Any mistakes in how your personal statement for your law application reads could lead to them assuming you did not care enough about the application to actually check your statement. This is why you need to ensure that you do your law school personal statement editing very carefully indeed so that you submit a statement that is perfect in every way.

Tips for Doing Your Law School Personal Statement Editing

Creating work that is error free and reads well is never easy. There are many law school personal statement samples out there that will show you the standards that are required. If you want to get your personal statement for your law application or psychology personal statement to the right standard then you will need to ensure that you do some very careful editing of your writing.

The following law school personal statement editing tips will help you:

  1. Start with the big picture:
    1. Have you actually written about yourself?
    2. Does your opening line grab the attention of anyone reading? It should be a anecdote or fact that is very interesting, try to avoid using quotations.
    3. Does your statement follow a clear “story” line? Does it have an obvious flow that will draw the reader through to your conclusion?
    4. Does your conclusion tie together with your opening lines?
  2. Have you actually written what you should have?
    1. Did you answer the prompt that the statement is in response to?
    2. Have you clearly demonstrated your interest in Law and the reasons for that interest?
    3. Have you shown that you have the necessary skills for the program?
    4. Have you clearly shown that you have a good idea as to where your career is taking you?
    5. Have you demonstrated any reasons as to why you want to attend their specific program?
  3. Is your writing able to engage the reader?
    1. Your writing needs to be concise, use no more words than required.
    2. Have you exceeded the law school personal statement length?
    3. Have you used words that are relevant and easy to understand?
    4. Have you written in your own words? Avoid clichés and quotations.
    5. Have you made any statements that are obvious?
    6. Is everything you have written relevant to this application?
    7. Have you written in a positive way throughout?
  4. Have you made any mistakes in your writing? Proofread your work.
    1. Use your computers spelling and grammar checker first; however do not trust it to find everything.
    2. Always read your statement out loud so that you can hear exactly what you have written; reading aloud will highlight many possible issues.
    3. Proof your work using a printed version of your work in a large font size.
    4. Touch every word as you check it to slow down your review.

We Can Help with Professional Law School Personal Statement Editing

law school personal statement editing

If you want to boost your chances of acceptance for law school then our professional services can help you. We offer specialized editing through some of the best qualified personal statement editors that you will find online.

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