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How To Edit Psychology Personal Statement – Professional Guide

Why Is Your Psychology Personal Statement So Important?

Your personal statement for psychology is almost certainly going to be the most important part of your application. The panel that will assess your application does not just want to know what grades you have achieved. They will want to know what has motivated you to apply, who you are and just how well you are going to fit within their program.

Your psychology personal statement is the only part of your application through which you can do this so you have to ensure that it is written very well indeed. So once you have written your personal statement you will want to ensure that you edit it very well indeed.

How to Edit Your Personal Statement Psychology

Editing is not a quick job if you want to do it well. The following are some tips that you can follow for editing your psychology personal statement:

  1. Start with the big picture:
    1. Is your statement about you?
    2. Does it open with a hook that gets the attention of the reader?
    3. Does it flow well from start to finish?
    4. Does your closing refer back to your opening so that the relevance is clear?
  2. Does it answer what the panel want to know?
    1. Does clearly show that you have a long standing interest in Psychology
    2. Does it show that you have mapped out a career in psychology?
    3. Does it show that you have the needed skills?
    4. Does it give reasons for attending their program?
    5. Does it clearly answer any prompt that you were given?
  3. Is the writing clear?
    1. Have you used language that is easy to understand? Avoid acronyms, slang or selecting fancy words from your thesaurus.
    2. Is your writing concise and free from any filler?
    3. Have you avoided the use of clichés?
    4. Have you used obvious statements or repeated information that you have provided elsewhere in your application?
    5. Is your statement for psychology written from a positive viewpoint?
    6. Is your statement free of lies and exaggerations?
  4. Is your writing free of errors?
    1. Use software to check for obvious errors but do not trust it fully.
    2. Read your work out loud so that you can hear exactly how it sounds.
    3. Print out your statement in a large font; touch each word in turn as you read so that you check each word in turn.
    4. Read through your statement in reverse.

We Can Provide Help with Your Psychology Personal Statement

psychology personal statement

If you have seen any psychology personal statement sample you will be aware of the standards that are expected of you. If you are not fully confident in providing that standard then our professional personal statement editing services are here to help you.

We offer superior editing through fully qualified higher degree holding editors that fully understand the application process.

Whatever the area you require assistance in, including nursing personal statement, we are here to give you a hand.

So if you want to ensure that your psychology personal statement is capable of getting their attention just contact our services here today!