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Graduate School Personal Statement Editing Service

Why Do You Need to Do Graduate School Personal Statement Editing?

If you are looking for a place at graduate school you will need to ensure that your application will make you stand out from the many other applicants. Achieving this feat is not simple and one of the most important parts that will need to be impressive is your personal statement for graduate school. This is your chance to tell the admissions committee exactly who you are and why it is that they should be accepting you. If you can write this statement well then it can often be the factor that gets the decision made in your favor. However poorly written or statements that contain errors are going to get you nowhere. This is why your graduate school personal statement editing is so important; you have to work through your statement methodically to ensure that your statement is perfect.

Tips for Your Graduate School Personal Statement Editing

When you look at a sample personal statement for graduate school you will be able to see the level of quality that you will need to achieve with your writing. Few of us can ever achieve this on the first draft or even on many subsequent revisions which is why you must concentrate on your editing.

The following graduate school personal statement editing tips will help you to concentrate your efforts in finding and eliminating the most common issues within your personal statement:

  • Did you actually write about yourself? This is a personal statement about you not anyone else.
  • Is your opening attention grabbing? You need an opening hook that will draw the reader in and make them want to continue reading.
  • Does your statement for graduate school have a clear and logical flow through it? Does it effectively draw the reader through using effective transitions between each sentence and paragraph?
  • Have you answered the prompt that was used to trigger your writing?
  • Did you show good reasons for wanting to pursue your chosen subject areas? Is it clear why you are interested in this field?
  • Have you indicated your career plans and are they relevant to your major?
  • Have you provide solid reasons for wanting to attend this specific school?
  • Have you shown that you have the particular skills that they are looking for?
  • Have you avoided the use of clichés and quotations?
  • Have you avoided slang, text speak and acronyms?
  • Did you write in a concise manner and only use the words that you need to use?
  • Have you chosen your words correctly and wisely?
  • Have you avoided using the thesaurus to use overly complicated words that no one understands?
  • Have you used the correct personal statement format for graduate school?
  • Have you kept within your allowed word count?
  • Does your statement make sense and sound fluid when you read it aloud?

We Can Do Your Graduate School Personal Statement Editing

graduate school personal statement editing

If you are worried about the effectiveness of your own editing or the quality of your maths personal statement then we can help you. We offer top quality editing through highly qualified staff that know precisely what needs to be within your graduate school personal statement.

So contact us today for affordable and very reliable graduate school personal statement editing that you can trust!