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  • Maximum of 47 Lines
  • Aims of the Personal Statement 30-50%
  • Experience, Knowledge and Abilities 25-35%
  • Extracurricular Interests and Skills 20-30%

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We Are Experts When It Comes To Engineering Personal Statement Editing

Why You Need the Best Engineering Personal Statement

Places are limited and the applications are highly competitive so you will need to ensure that your application makes you stand out in every way if you are going to have any chance of winning a place. Your engineering personal statement will be one of the more important parts of your application due to its unique status as being the only part where you get to explain the sort of person that you are. The committee will not just base their decision on your grades alone and this is why your personal statement for engineering is so important. But if you look at any engineering personal statement example you will see that they need to be very well written. So you need to take great care over your writing and your personal statement editing also.

Tips for Personal Statement Engineering Editing

Ensuring that your engineering personal statement is perfect is vital if you want the very best application so that you have a high chance of success. The following are some easy follow tips for ensuring that the editing of your personal statement for college is done well:

  • Always check for one issue at a time, don’t try to do everything in one pass.
  • Read your personal statement out loud and record it, play it back as this is the easiest way to hear where you have issues with your writing.
  • Print out your statement in a large font so that you read it slowly, use your finger to touch each word as you read and mask off adjacent sentences to make it easier to spot issues.

Check all of the following:

  • Have you answered the prompt for your engineering personal statement?
  • Did you write about you?
  • Did you open with an interesting fact or anecdote to get the reader’s attention?
  • Does your statement flow from start to end like a story? Are your transitions effective?
  • Did you show clearly that you have a long standing interest in engineering?
  • Have you shown that you have a career plan that requires Engineering?
  • Did you have specific reasons for attending this specific program?
  • Have you demonstrated that you have the right skills for the program?
  • Did you avoid the use of any clichés or quotations in your statement?
  • Have you only used words that anyone can understand? Avoid “clever” words from your thesaurus, acronyms and slang.
  • Have you avoided wordiness? Your writing should be concise.
  • Have you addressed run on sentences and sentence fragments?
  • Check that your tenses and person are consistent throughout.
  • Have you avoided exaggeration and been truthful?
  • Is everything that you said relevant to your application?
  • Are all words correctly chosen and spelled correctly?
  • Is your grammar and punctuation correct?

We Can Help You Get the Very Best Engineering Personal Statement

engineering personal statement

Our editing services provide our clients with the very best editing as we only use professionally qualified and highly experienced editors that know precisely what the engineering program that you are applying for is looking for. Through us your editing is affordable and covered by a full satisfaction money back guarantee.

So if you want the best editing for your engineering personal statement just contact our professional editing services today!