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5 Tips On How To Edit Nursing Personal Statement In A Hour

The Importance of Your Nursing Personal Statement

When you make your application you will want to ensure that all of your application is accurate and well written and you should pay special attention to your personal statement. Only your personal statement allows you to show the panel making the decisions who you are and why they should be accepting you. Well written it is an effective part of your application and can help ensure that you will get a place. However if it is poorly written or contains errors then it can make it look as if you are not interested in the place. So it is vital that you edit your nursing personal statement very carefully so that you give the right impression.

Our Nursing Personal Statement Tips for Editing

If you have looked at our nursing personal statement examples and those offered by other sites you will know that the quality expected from your personal statement is very high indeed. This is why you must not just concentrate on your writing but also expend time and energy on ensuring that you don’t forget about personal statement edit.

Our nursing personal statement tips for editing will help you to ensure that you improve your statement:

Start with the big picture:

  • Have you used an effective hook to get the reader’s attention immediately they start to read?
  • Have you written about yourself?
  • Have you only put information that is relevant within your statement?
  • Does your statement flow clearly and are the transitions between paragraphs effective?
  • Does your conclusion show the relevance of your opening lines to tie up your statement neatly?

Does your writing clearly show what they want to know about you?

  • Does it answer any prompt that you were asked to answer?
  • Does it show that you have a clear interest in nursing and how that interest has developed?
  • Does it show that you need this application to be successful for your future career? Does it show where you expect your career to head?
  • Do you clearly demonstrate that you have the relevant skills?
  • Does it give specific reasons for this application?

nursing personal statement

Is your nursing personal statement written in a clear and concise manner?

  • Is everything that you have written relevant to your application?
  • Have you written concisely without filler? Did you stick within the required word count?
  • Have you avoided using clichés?
  • Did you make any obvious statements or reuse anything that is already available elsewhere in your application?
  • Have you used appropriate words throughout your statement? Did you avoid slang, acronyms, text speak, or using words that are overly complex or unusual?

Proofread your work very carefully to ensure that there are no mistakes in your writing:

  • Use your computer as your first line of defense but do not rely only on your spell checker.
  • Print out your statement and try reading it aloud to highlight any issues.
  • Touch each word in turn as you go through your statement.
  • Use a dictionary if you are not totally confident as to a words meaning.

Use a professional editing service for your nursing personal statement

Often using a professional service such as ours is the best way forward as it ensures that your nursing or UCAS personal statement is checked by an experienced and qualified editor that really knows how to give your statement that final polish to get you noticed.

So if you want the very best nursing personal statement just contact our editing services for the most reliable and affordable help you will find online!