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10 Sneaky Hacks and Tools for Personal Statement Analysis

Today, you will learn personal statement tips to make your paper better. A personal statement is crucial for all students. You have to sell yourself to a university in just 4,000 characters Personal statements shouldn’t be the same and with these tips, you can make a personal statement that isn’t cliche and will truly stand out. Discover the advantages of our personal statement review service today!
personal statement tips

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  • Make a draft without a character counter.You tend to always look at the characters and would easily get worried if you feel like you’ve been writing the whole day but you’re actually just half-way through it.
  • Take your time. Writing your personal statement will not be ready for hours. It takes time because it still needs some editing techniques to have a great piece, so don’t rush.
  • Find the perfect words and expressions. Make sure to check and use words that are more professional and elegant.
  • Concentrate on your strengths. You should always include your experiences, your achievements and future plans. Also, avoid mentioning weaknesses in your personal statement.
  • Find the perfect opening sentence. A lot of opening sentences are cliché, think of something interesting and unusual, it will give you a good impression.

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Some Editing Techniques for Your Personal Statement

  • The grammar of your essay. Find grammar checkers to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes.
  • Speak with your editor. It is important for a professional to check on it as well.
  • Spelling and punctuation. You’re applying for a university, it is known for you to have good spelling and punctuation.

Pieces of Advice from Experts and Their Personal Statement Tips

Here are some really substantial pieces of advice from experts you should consider:

“When I look at a personal statement, if it doesn’t catch my attention in the first paragraph, then I’m not interested in reading further,” – Dr. Pham

“The personal statement is really the only way you can make a memorable mark on admission committee members before you meet them,”- Benjamin K. Frederick, MD

“The personal statement should be a narrative about an experience that led to personal growth in the pursuit of a medical career,” – Dr. Frederick

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